Thanks to co-editor, Joe McKinney, here's a sneak peek at the line-up in DEAD SET:

“Resurgam” by Lisa Mannetti

“Jailbreak” by Steven W. Booth and Harry Shannon

“Recess” by Rob Fox

“Biting the Hand that Feeds You” by Calie Voorhis

“Judgment” by Stephanie Kincaid

“Hatfield the Usurper” by Matt Louis

“Ruminations from Tri-Omega House” by David Dunwoody

“Zombies on a Plane” by Bev Vincent

“Category Five” by Richard Jeter

“Survivors” by Joe McKinney

“Pierre and Remy Hatch a Plan” by Michelle McCrary

“Recovery” by Boyd E. Harris

“In the Middle of Poplar Street” by Nate Southard

“Seminar Z” by J.L. Comeau

“Only Nibble” by Bob Nailor

“Inside Where It’s Warm” by Lee Thomas

“Survivor Talk” by Mitchel Whitington

“The Zombie Whisperer” by Steven Wedel

“Good Neighbor Sam” by Mark Onspaugh

“That Which Survives” by Morgan Ashe

For now, McKinney says, "you can pre-order the book from 23 House Publishing at a reduced price. When the book drops in April, 2010, it’ll be available through Amazon and most chain book stores."

You can also watch a really cool video trailer here: