51 Fiendish Ways to Leave Your Lover--Signed Copies

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Praise for 51 Fiendish Ways to Leave Your Lover:

“Macabre and raucous, tempered with the outré, the grotesque, and the hilarious, Mannetti and Chadbourne have commingled their unique skills to produce an unforgettable Gorey-esque wonderworld that continues to fascinate no matter how often you delve into it. It’s the genre’s ultimate coffee-table tome as well as a wicked showcase of dark entertainment.”
--Edward Lee, author of BLACK TRAIN and HEADER


“Deliciously macabre! A must read for anyone who’s had a bad break-up
and needs to resist the urge to boil a bunny!”
--Hal Bodner, author of THE BITE CLUB


“What a marvelous blend of humor and horror, offering several ways to end a relationship that Paul Simon never thought of.”
--Rick Hautala, author of UNBROKEN and THE WILDMAN


“Mannetti's latest reveals not only her acerbic wit, but her mordantly ebullient personality. This one is a keeper!”
--Tom Monteleone, author of M.A.F.I.A. and SERPENTINE


“Do you like sick, bitter, twisted humor? Boy, have I got a book for you—51 Fiendish Ways to Leave Your Lover is hilariously frightful and frightfully hilarious!”
--Robert Dunbar, author of MARTYRS & MONSTERS

Watch the trailer here:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hbGjDkYaSAI#watch-main-area